Emergency Plumbing Case Studies

Please click on one of the case study icons to read more details about the customers problem and what SurePlumb's emergency plumbing technicians did to resolve the issues for the customer.

  • Leaking Tap Case Study

    Miss Penfold

    After washing up the water was not draining out the sink... read more.

  • Leaking Ceiling Case Study

    Mr Marras

    There was water leaking through my hallway ceiling... read more.

  • Faulty Washing Machine Case Study

    Mrs Carrington

    I noticed a problem with my washing machine and it started to leak... read more.

  • Central Heating Case Study

    Mr Harbould

    I tried to use my central heating and could not get it to work... read more.

  • Leaking Shower Case Study

    Mr and Mrs Ashkuri

    Our upstairs shower was leaking causing our living room ceiling to drip with water... read more.

  • Flushing Toilet Case Study

    Mr and Mrs Haynes

    We noticed our toilet was failing to flush... read more.