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Are you currently having problems with your drains at your residence or workplace? SurePlumb have over 10 years experience with these types of problems and we can have your issues corrected today! Please use the emergency contact form shown on the right hand side or give us a call!

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Every person in this world dreads the task of cleaning blocked drains as it takes away precious hours from the busy daily schedule. They are a headache and hassle for renters and homeowners alike. Nearly every person in this world has at some point of time witnessed a choked drain because something below has blocked it totally. The main causes behind a choked drain are foreign particles. Baby nappies, wads of toilet paper, items of feminine hygiene, cotton balls, etc can cause blockages. The best way of preventing blocked drains is to make sure that non-biodegradable objects are disposed carefully. Food items, cooking fats and debris from soaps can cause a lot of damage to the water flow inside pipes. Debris of such types leaves a residue on the inside of the pipes making it hard for water to flow through the pipe easily. You should take the help of a good cleaning company that has expertise in cleaning the blocked drains.

It is always a good practice to place plughole strainers over the sink. By following such procedures it is possible to stop larger debris from getting inside the pipe and causing blocked drains. Drain cleaners can even be used from time to time although excessive use might lead to corrosive effects. Boiling water can be poured in the sink on a regular basis to ensure smooth flow of water. The stoppers in the drain need to be regularly cleaned to prevent blockages from occurring. Another common blockage observed is through hairs in the shower which does not get easily dissolved and get tangled up in the pipes.

Many people like to do their own task but it is not as easy as people think. Taken help of experts will make sure blocked drains are taken care of. A blockage can be easily removed by using a chemical product or even with a plunger with a cloth placed over the plughole to avoid overflow. The trap under the sink can be removed to check for blockages, with a large container or bucket placed below to catch the water hat might come out. The ‘Electric Eel’ also known as the sewer snake is a motorized device that drills through harder obstructions and scoops up grime and hair. But, the device is not recommended for amateur use and used only by trained professionals.

Preventing blocked drains is a difficult task and requires some difficult procedures which need to be followed on a regular basis. One of the easiest ways to unblock blocked drains is by applying vinegar plus baking soda. Hot water mixed with baking soda can also be used to get rid of particles that are blocking the drain. Considering the fact that bathroom and kitchen sinks are used on a regular basis, at one point of time they are bound to get clogged. So it is vital to ensure that unwanted particles are kept at bay from entering the drainage system of bathroom and kitchen. Jet blasting is another procedure through which major sewer blockages are removed by firing a powerful jet of water into the pipes.

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