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Broken Boiler

Broken boilers are a serious issue and SurePlumb are experienced gas safe engineers, please use the emergency contact form shown on the right hand side. For an even faster response please give us a call!

SurePlumb's Tips

The natural gas boilers are durable in that they work for a longer period and require very limited maintenance. But when the boiler faces any damage then it becomes difficult for a lay person to repair it and they require the help of experts to repair the broken boiler. You should take the help of an expert and have a look at the experience of the company before taking their services. If you are thinking of giving a call to the maintenance service then you can trust on us. We can repair broken boiler and have been providing this service for a long time. However, before venturing into the work of repairing, you need to ensure that there are no inflammable objects nearby as there are high chances of catching fire if there are any such objects around.

There are a number of steps involved. The first is to diagnose the trouble. You can be assured that there is a trouble when you try to switch the broken boiler on and do not get the heat. This is when you do not need to diagnose. Go nearer to the boiler to check if it's getting power. You need to be able to say when it's receiver power. You must be able to view standing pilot light. You also may need to get on to the floor to view the light. Likewise, the water valve also needs to be checked. There is a certain level below which the pointer should drop which should indicate a problem in the boiler. This mechanism ensures safety so that the boiler does not explode. When the water mark shows normal level, you can rest assured that it has not caused the problem.

When you cannot view flame from pilot light, you may trust the fact that the problem lies here. You need to look into the electrical panel too. You need again to diagnose here if the problem issues from tripped breaker or it is a bad fuse. In either case you need to replace them. You may have your broken boiler working. If it does not, you need to get the pilot light mended.

You need to look at the gas boiler to find the instructions written over it to relight your pilot light. When you find the instructions written there, you need to follow the instructions there. The instructions that are listed are specific to the model you use which will show the fastest and the easiest method to light pilot again. In case you don't find the instructions you need first to set the control mechanism in order to light the pilot. Then, you are to light a match and hold it just below the opening of the gas. Its pilot light will shine automatically.

However, the control mechanism should be carried out unless the pilot lights strong enough. You can release control once you set the gas boiler to "On" position.

If the gas boiler does not burn still, you need to repeat the complete process all over again. However, if the problem retains, professional help needs to be taken.

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