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Central Heating Faults

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Central Heating system may face various problems like centralised air conditioning systems. Of these various problems, some can be corrected at home by users while others may require professional assistance. Although we encourage users of our products to engage in simple troubleshooting if the centralised heating malfunctions, they should not ignore the problem if it cannot be corrected at home. Some of the common central heating faults occur when boilers do not work; one or more radiators do not get heated, unusual noise from heater, etc. Below are solutions provided to troubleshoot most all of these issues. However, if the issue persists, engineers must be called as electrical appliances involve greater risk and danger than other home appliances.

Usually, boilers do not work when 1. Thermostat is set very low, 2. Programmer does not work and 3. Pilot light turns off. In case of thermostat malfunction, it is important to check whether both room and boiler stats are functioning properly. Moreover, room thermostats should not be in the warmer part of the room or any heating device should not be near the stat. In case of the programmer, it can only be switched off and set appropriately. Otherwise, it would require professional assistance. The most crucial is the pilot light. It can be set according to the manual provided by the manufacturer. However, if it does not function at all, it means the entire unit is faulty and has to be replaced. Radiators do not heat for pump issues. If you have checked the pump and could not find the issue then switch it off and run it manually.

Usually there is screw which be used to free the pump of any obstructions it has inside. Other radiator issues can be partially cool and partially hot radiators. This is one of the central heating faults which can be treated by bleeding or flushing the radiator. While bleeding, it must ensured that no one is directly in the line of bleed as the water is generally very hot in it and can cause severe burn. Another central heating fault is when some radiators do not heat while others do. This clearly is a problem with the radiator and no the entire system. One reason behind this could be airlock which can be corrected through pump-bleed. Otherwise, the speed of the pump should be increased and decreased at about ½ minute intervals.

The issue of unusual noise is generally caused by tightly fitted pipes. This is because of the expansion and contraction of pipes during heating and cooling. If the holes in the walls are enlarged, this creaking sound shall stop. Another way is to softly but firmly hammer radiators. This generally takes care of the issue. If the noise comes out of the main unit and no clear reason can be found externally, then users should get further involved.

These are some of the common central heating faults that people are found to face. Though some of the resolutions are provided here, there can be numerous small issues. If it is not mentioned here and users do not find them in the manual, they would sure get assistance from the store once they contact.

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