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Leaking Taps

If your taps are leaking and causing problems for you, SurePlumb has over 10 years experience with these types of problems and we can have your issues corrected today! Please use the emergency contact form shown on the right hand side or give us a call!

SurePlumb's Tips

Leaking taps can prove to be difficult to be repaired. There are effective techniques to be followed while the leaking taps are repaired. Expert techniques like repairing the top of the tap washer in a standard tap design, which is the pillar tap. The mixer taps generally have two taps and slightly differ from the general designs. Here, to get to the valve you need to replace the plastic handle. You can remove its handle as you lever off the cover so to uncover the screw holding it in place.

If you are faced with the trouble of leaking taps, the foremost thing you are to do is to cut off the supply of water. You can find under the taps the isolating valves that isolate the tap. If not, you should immediately turn off the supply of water from the main stopcock. For instance, if you need to mend the hot water tap, you need to turn the stopcock in a clockwise direction to stop the flow of water. However, take care that you do not apply such force as is enough to break the valve.

The stopcocks when not mended twice or thrice in a year when living in hard water area tend to get jammed. If such is the condition, do not apply force. Apply some lubricating oil to the tap and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Repeat the oiling unless the movement becomes usual and smooth. When it is a pillar type tap you are repairing, that usually comes without cover, you can get access to the nuts easily. The main valve needs to be undone. Sliding a piece of cloth between the spanner and the nut as this would prevent scratches to come on the nut.

Hold the spout of your tap when are about to undo the leaking taps. This will turn only the tap and will minimize the chances of the body of that tap being turned. As the valve is taken out, the washer needs to be checked. When the valve looks squashed, old, and rough, there is every chance of this having a leak. If the washer looks fine, move to the valve seat of the tap that presses against the washer. The seat should be smooth, free of scratches, and shiny, so as to be in a working condition. In case of the seat getting damaged, it needs to be reground, which is an easy task.

When the washer is replaced the parts need to be reassembled properly . This, most evidently, is to be done with a spanner. It must be remembered that while you tighten the valve, you need to hold firmly to the spout in order to prevent scratches from coming to the tap. After tightening the valve and putting the tap back to place, you can turn water on from the main supply point. As it is that it is leaking taps that you are mending, you should first turn on the water lightly to check if the leak remains, before giving it a full turn.

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