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Leaking Toilet

Leaking toilets can be a nuisance and lead to possible health and safety issues, SurePlumb has over 10 years experience with these types of problems and we can have your issues corrected today! Please use the emergency contact form shown on the right hand side or give us a call!

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Leaking toilets can lead to wastage of thousands of gallons of water every year. For people suffering from toilet leaks care needs to be taken to ensure that the problem is fixed right away which could otherwise lead to spending huge amounts of money. The toilet might leak because of a variety of reasons like broken or damaged water refill valve, wax ring below the bowl, Ballcock refill valve and much more. To fix these problems it is necessary to call a professional as one cannot do the job all alone without the help of proper equipment.

Before fixing leaking toilets, it is essential to detect or spot where the problem lies. By looking inside the tank, one can locate flush valves and the refill. Inspecting the different parts of the tank will give a clear idea of where the damage has occurred. Changes like flush not working properly unlike before, water overflowing from the tank can be observed if there are some leakage problems. Majority of leaks happen when the 2 valves do not work properly. After detecting the leak, it is quite easy to fix the problem with the help of few plumbing skills.

Repairing water refill valve – In most cases of repairing water refill valves it has been observed that there is a broken line from the main water supply that causes a leaking toilet. Before fixing it, all the water should be emptied by flushing the toilet. Next, the water supply line needs to be unscrewed around the base using a wrench. The loosen hose should be screwed appropriately and after turning back the water supply, one needs to ensure whether the water is leaking or not.

Flush Valve – if there are any problems with the flush valve, first thing which should be done is to check whether it flushes properly or not. The next job is to see whether the water reservoir is closed perfectly by the flapper ball. If the sealing is not proper then one can bend the arm till the time it fits properly. After that it should be checked whether the flush valve is working properly.

Ballcock Refill Valve – For leaking toilets that need repairing of the plastic refill valve, the first and foremost thing to do is to stop the water system. Once that is done, the water volume should be checked. If the water level seems to be insufficient then the drift can be modified by twisting the arm. The standard water level is seventy five percent after which it will overflow.

Plastic Refill Valve – For toilets where the plastic refill valve does not seem to work properly, a few steps will ensure that the valve is back to working condition. First of all, the water supply should be shutdown. The hand nut or the controller can be located which can be turned clockwise to increase water level and anti-clockwise to decrease water level.

Simple and straightforward steps like these will help avoid leaking toilets and keep the house clean and hygienic.

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