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Roof Leak Repair

A leaking roof can cause untold damage to properties, SurePlumb has over 10 years experience with these types of problems and we can have your issues corrected today! Please use the emergency contact form shown on the right hand side or give us a call!

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In the past, majority of plumbing pipes used were made of either lead or iron. Both had its advantages as well as disadvantages, like for example, lead can be bent easily but comes with a high price. Presently, most of the plumbing pipes are either made of copper, stainless steel or flexible plastic. A roof leak repair depends on whether it is a simple leakage or a leakage of major proportions.

In terms of availability and convenience, copper pipes are best suited for all types of installations in commercial and residential properties. The fittings are available in different sizes and usually known by their outside diameter – 15mm, 28mm and 22mm. Pipes and main runs feeding hot water cylinder and bath taps are generally 22mm pipe. Pipes that are connected to other taps are usually of 15mm diameter. By using copper pipes one can ensure that roof leak repair does not need to be carried out every now and then. Cutting a copper pipe is not that difficult and can easily be achieved with the help of a pipe cutting tool or fine-toothed hacksaw. But one should ensure that the pipe’s end is cut exactly square and it is necessary to make sure that the cut is filed both from inside and outside. When the pipe is cut with a cutter, a burr tends to remain inside the pipe which can be removed with the help of the pointed reamer on the cutter.

There are times when a roof leak repair might require the pipes to bend for different purposes. It is quite easy to bend a copper pipe but support is necessary to ensure that the pipe does not kink. Pipes of small diameter can be bent by using a bending spring. The bending spring is nothing but a stiff metal coil that has the same diameter as that of the pipe. One needs to push the bending spring to the point where the bent is required so that the pipe gets adequate support. Before withdrawing the bending spring, one should compress it a little by turning it. Different bending springs are required for different diameters of pipes. A pipe can also be bent with the help of a bending machine.

Bending springs are perfect for various types of small roof leak repair. With the help of these bending springs one can bend pipes of different radii. It is also possible to make a bend near the pipe’s end and pipes that have 22mm diameter. These equipments are available at an affordable price and requires a little bit of effort to work with. For a roof leak repair that involves huge amount of labor, it is best to use a bending machine. These are good quality equipments and are available for hiring. By using a machine one can save a lot of effort but practice is necessary to ensure that the bend is in the right place. Plumbing fittings include different fixtures like joints, faucets that help to join the pipes and fixtures. It is crucial to ensure that the plumbing fittings and the plumbing supplies are of top quality so that they can last for long time periods.

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